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Interview with Zone1WST on Neighborhood Love

Zone WST has been painting for a while now, I’m sure you’ve seen his graffiti in a magazine or on the internet by now, he’s just known. When I had a chance to meet Zone in Las Vegas and ask him if he would be down to do an interview for Neighborhood Love, he was really cool, and just mellow and easy to deal with. That was nice in a sport where there is always a lot of ego flying around. I personally think Zone has mixed an old classic graffiti look, with a modern wildstyle with his hooks, bars, arrows and extensions. His graft it a blend of both, looking super clean, sharp and colors looking crisp at all times. I chose the first pic, because it too looks classic to me, a tribute to where it all started, you’re first spot you pieced in some abandon house, or dingy back alley or remote train or metro track somewhere. I’m feeling this first pic and hope you are too. Now read as we chop it up with Zone WST!

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