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Graffiti: Fundamentals, Techniques & Style classes by IzzeWST starting in January

Graffiti:  Style, Fundamentals, & Technique classes at the www.artacademyofsandiego
Graffiti: Style, Fundamentals, & Technique classes at the www.artacademyofsandiego

I am honored to be teaching a new Graffiti course at the Art Academy of San Diego beginning on January 11th. The beginning course runs for 7 weeks with an option to attend a second 7 week intermediate course. My initial plans are to have a heavy emphasis on lettering development, sketch and black book work followed by a few weeks of spray paint work and exercises with hands-on instruction. Some of the areas I plan on covering include: History, Terminology, Styles, Basic Styles, Bar Letters, Black Book Work, Hand Styles, Color Theory and the proper Use of Tools which all ultimately lead to the students being able to create their own styles and pieces.

I have taught and helped many aspiring artists in my 28 years as a Graffiti Writer. While many are able to grasp and execute the basic and relatively mechanical lettering concepts I instruct, only a handful have utilized the system as it should be used: as a stepping stool to creating more advanced and organic letter styles. People often say “you have to know the rules before you can break them”. Metaphorically speaking, I teach “the rules” in the hopes that one day you know them well enough that you can break them and have it go unnoticed.

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