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New Zodak Marker Tees, Hoodies, and more!

New Zodak Marker Tee, Long Sleeved Tees, Tanks, and Men’s Pullover Hoodies now available at wstgear.com This design is a remix of a pencil sketch marker by design Zodak One which originally came out in the early 2000’s. We vectorized the line work to make it bold and crisp, added a touch of color, and paired it up with the Zodak 2 Logo from the same time period. Probably the largest print we’ve ever produced minus the all-over prints from the mid 2000’s.


New Blue Thorns Tees, Hoodies, and Long Sleeved Tees!

Blue Thorns Black Tee back.
Navy Blue Thorns Tee

White Blue Thorns Tee

Blue Thorns Pullover Hoodie Front
Blue Thorns Hoodie back print and embroidery.

We proudly present the new “Blue Thorns” Tees, Pullover Hoodies, and Long Sleeved Tees available now at wstgear.com  Features a multi-colored, high quality screen print of our “Crown of Thorns” Logo by Soems with additional color and layout work by IzzeWST. Without a doubt one of the flyest garment in any closet.

New Sen2 Galactica Tees & Hoodies!

Black Sen2 Galctica Hoodie - Front
Black Sen2 Galactica Hoodie – Front
Back of Sen2 Galctica Tee
Back of Sen2 Galactica Tee
Tar Sen2 Galctica Tee
Tar Sen2 Galactica Tee
Charcoal Grey Sen2 Galctica Tee
Charcoal Grey Sen2 Galactica Tee
Harbor Blue Sen2 Galctica Tee
Harbor Blue Sen2 Galactica Tee
Forest Green Sen2 Galctica Tee
Forest Green Sen2 Galactica Tee


Black Sen2 Galctica Hoodie - Black
Black Sen2 Galactica Hoodie – Black

New Galactica Tees by Bronx based artist Sen2 now available in 5 colors in the online store. We also have a very limited number of Pullover Hoodies available.

Zone1 Burner Tees, Hoodies, and Long Sleeves…

zone1wst_tee_black_800px zone1wst_tee_black_back_800px zone1wst_tee_charcoal_800px zone1wst_tee_charcoal_back_800px zone1wst_tee_silver_800px zone1wst_tee_silver_back_800px zone1wst_tee_harbor_800px zone1wst_tee_harbor_back_800px zone1wst_tee_slate_800px zone1wst_tee_slate_back_800px detail_silver_800px_2 assorted_800px zone1wst_longsleeve_800px zone1wst_longsleeve_back_800px zone1wst_hoodie_front zone1wst_hoodie_detail_1000px zone1wst_hoodie_back

We proudly announce the release our our new Zone1WST Tee now available at wstgear.com  A tribute to the WST Crew Style General… Features a ridiculously fresh “Zone” Burner on the chest and the Zone 2 Logo on the back on Tees, Hoodies, Baseball Tees, and Long Sleeved Tees.

The Kingz of Style Tee and Fleece!

The Kingz of Style Tee by The Letter Series!
Actual Kingz of Style print on Tee.
The Kingz of Style Tee back with Letter Series Logo.
Official Kingz of Style Event Tee back.


Kingz of Style Pullover Hoodie


Kingz of Style Pullover Hoodie Back Print.
The Kingz of Style Crewneck Sweatshirts.


New “Kingz of Style” Tees, Hoodies, and Crewneck Sweatshirts by The Letter Series now available in the Wild Style Technicians Online Store. Tank Tops will also be available in the online store very soon as well!

The Kingz of Style was a graffiti event/fundraiser organized by The Letter Series and held November 14th at The MAAC Community Charter School in Chula Vista, CA. As such, we have two versions of this special tee: One with the Letter Series Logo on back, the other, which we will make available soon, has the list of participating artists and event sponsors.