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Kingz of Style 2017 Recap

Zoner WST Lords
Perve TM7 WST
Kool Sphere TMT WST
Arest 150 WST ADD (Infamy Art Team)
Nova FUA
Range FUA
Range x Nova FUA Krew
Pose 2 aka Maxx Moses
The Jaber
TRC Crew
Braves TCR
Brisk TCR

Thank you to all of the artists, vendors, and attendees who came out and helped make The Kingz of Style 2017 a success! We had nearly 50 artists come out and as you can see by the images that everyone brought their A game! Extra special thanks to Ironlak for their continued support as well as the MAAC Community Charter School for allowing us to use their facility.

Zone1 Burner Tees, Hoodies, and Long Sleeves…

zone1wst_tee_black_800px zone1wst_tee_black_back_800px zone1wst_tee_charcoal_800px zone1wst_tee_charcoal_back_800px zone1wst_tee_silver_800px zone1wst_tee_silver_back_800px zone1wst_tee_harbor_800px zone1wst_tee_harbor_back_800px zone1wst_tee_slate_800px zone1wst_tee_slate_back_800px detail_silver_800px_2 assorted_800px zone1wst_longsleeve_800px zone1wst_longsleeve_back_800px zone1wst_hoodie_front zone1wst_hoodie_detail_1000px zone1wst_hoodie_back

We proudly announce the release our our new Zone1WST Tee now available at wstgear.com  A tribute to the WST Crew Style General… Features a ridiculously fresh “Zone” Burner on the chest and the Zone 2 Logo on the back on Tees, Hoodies, Baseball Tees, and Long Sleeved Tees.

Project Blackbook: Arest 150






We’ve started a new Blackbook Project where we will be offering customized Blackbooks. First up is Arest150 with this fresh full color 11″ x 14″ page. The book also featured a large Arest 150 Die Cut Vinyl Decal on the cover and ships with a custom sticker pack by the artist. A great pick up for any collector Arest/WST fan!

Arest 150 11″x14″ Custom Blackbook

Graffiti Art show at Ironfist Brewing Aug 13th

Come out and have a beer and check out some new works by Zone, Arest, myself and a few other talented artists at Ironfist Brewing  in Barrio Logan on August 13th from 5-10pm 

I will be unveiling a new 3 piece Izhy 10″ x 30″canvas series in addition to a 3 piece 8″ circle series.



New “Letter Serious” Tee by The Letter Series


Front print on Black Tee
Back print on Black Tee.
Military Green

The Letter Series started as a single letter alphabet canvas project of my own in 2010. From it’s inception I had intended on eventually expanding beyond canvas art to other mediums and platforms. However, it was very important to me that the same level of quality and detail is applied to any products bearing The Letter Series name as the canvases upon which the brand was created. I’m proud to present this is the first of many such products:

  • 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton Tee
  • High Quality Screen Print (Not Direct to Garment)
  • Printed on Front and Back
  • Private Labeled with Hang Tag
  • Available in Black, White, Silver, Military Green, and Tar (Dk Grey).

The new “Letter Serious” Tee and Letter Serious Brand is now available exclusively at wildstyletechnicians.com  We will also have a very limited amount of Printed Hoodies available as well.  For more information on the project visit theletterseries.com Retailers, please contact us if you are interested in carrying The Letter Series brand in your store.


New “One Inch Punch” print by IzzeWST!

One Inch Punch sketch
One Inch Punch sketch
Original One Inch Punch sketch next to a 12" X 18 Print
Original One Inch Punch sketch next to a 12″ X 18 Print
Legend of the One Inch Punch Illustration by Izze WST
Legend of the One Inch Punch Illustration by Izze WST
One Inch Punch 20" X 30" Print
One Inch Punch 20″ X 30″ Print

Recently completed “Legend of the One Inch Punch” illustration. Created as a tribute to Bruce Lee, this piece features a Wildstyle Burner in the iconic Black and Yellow worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death. The “Game of Death” window background is also a reference to the room where this legendary scene was shot!

Available in both 12″ X 18 Glossy Finsh or 20″ X 30″ Satin Finish

Interview with Zone1WST on Neighborhood Love

Zone WST has been painting for a while now, I’m sure you’ve seen his graffiti in a magazine or on the internet by now, he’s just known. When I had a chance to meet Zone in Las Vegas and ask him if he would be down to do an interview for Neighborhood Love, he was really cool, and just mellow and easy to deal with. That was nice in a sport where there is always a lot of ego flying around. I personally think Zone has mixed an old classic graffiti look, with a modern wildstyle with his hooks, bars, arrows and extensions. His graft it a blend of both, looking super clean, sharp and colors looking crisp at all times. I chose the first pic, because it too looks classic to me, a tribute to where it all started, you’re first spot you pieced in some abandon house, or dingy back alley or remote train or metro track somewhere. I’m feeling this first pic and hope you are too. Now read as we chop it up with Zone WST!

Continue interview on www.neighborhood-love.com

New Large Format Art Prints available.

"Wild Style Burner 6" 12" x 18" Print
“Wild Style Burner 6″ 12″ x 18” Print
"Wild Style Burner 6" 20" x 30" Art Print
“Wild Style Burner 6″ 20″ x 30” Art Print
"Serval Style" 20" x 30" Art Print
“Serval Style” 20″ x 30″ Art Print
"Serval Style" Art Print graphic
“Serval Style” Art Print graphic
"Serval Style" 20" x 30" Art Print
“Serval Style” 20″ x 30″ Art Print

New Large Format High Quality Art Prints now available!

The first is the “Wildstyle Burner 6” by Izze of Wild Style Technicians. This is the 6th installation of our Burner Series which we began producing in 1997. This print is available in a 12″ x 18″ Photo Print or 20″ x 30″ Large Format Print.

The second is the “Serval Style” print featuring dope illustration work by Steven Serval and great color work by Pres One! This one is for the Hip Hop Heads who like that unexplainable B-Boy flavor. Available in a highly impressive 20″ x 30 Large Format Print.

Wildstyle Burner 6 – 12″ x 18 Print

Wildstyle Burner 6 – 20″ x 30″ Print

Serval Style – 20″ x 30″ Print

“Street Art” Prints and Posters now available

"Street Art" Graphic by IzzeWST and Awrek
Street Art by IzzeWST and Awrek
Street Art 12" x 18" Prints
Street Art 12″ x 18″ Prints
"Street Art" 20" x 30" Posters
“Street Art” 20″ x 30″ Posters
"Street Art" 20" x 30" Posters
“Street Art” 20″ x 30″ Posters

New 12″ x 18″ Prints and 20″ X 30″ Posters now available for purchase in the WST Online Store.

This piece was created as a collaborative effort between Daniel “Awrek” Toledo and IzzeWST.
Available in two sizes:

12″ x 18″ Photo Print with Glossy Finish


20″ x 30″ Digital Poster Print with Luster Finish.

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