Saratoga Sake at Writerz Blok

Fresh paint… Jest, Ize, and Sake

A few of us got invited to do some live painting at Writerz Blok for the Society group from C3 Church who were having an event in the yard. I ended up finding some space on this wall next to Sake who was already painting when I arrived and Jest squeezed in on the end. Awesome way to spend a Thursday… Thanks to Writerz Blok for hooking up some Yardmaster and Ironlak so we could do our thing.

Jest Piece at Writerz Blok
Jest piece at Writerz Blok
Jest and Ize graffiti pieces
Jest and Ize pieces
Ize graffiti piece by IzzeWST
Ize piece by IzzeWST
Saratoga Sake at Writerz Blok
Saratoga Sake at Writerz Blok

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