New Tees available for Pre-Order!

Wildstyle Burner 6 Tee by Izze of Wild Style Technicians
Wildstyle Burner 6 Tee by IzzeWST
"W Banger" Tee by The Motive for Wild Style Technicians
“W Banger” Tee by The Motive
Can Dance Blues Tee by Zodak 1 for Wild Style Technicians on Black Tee
Çan Dance Blues Print on Black Tee
Can Dance Blues print by Zodak 1 on White Tee
Can Dance Blues print by Zodak 1 on White Tee
Serval Green Hand Print on Black Tee
Serval Green Hand Print on Black Tee
Green Hand print on White Tee
Serval Green Hand Tee on White

It has been a long wait, but we have 4 new styles now available for Pre-Order which we expect to begin shipping by early next week if not sooner! First up is the 6th installation of Burner series of Tees by Izze. The Burner Series returns to it’s roots with more traditional and classical chunky letter style. However, don’t let the friendly look fool you: There’s still plenty of well thought out connections, arrows, and bits to create motion and keep your eyes and mind intrigued!

The next style is the “W Banger” by The Motive. The Motive is a West Coast hand style specialist and has been killing the game for the last few years. For this Tee he created a full “Wild Style Technicians” script for the front and a WST for the back in his signature style. We took the raw Wildstyle Technicians tag and added a little glow, drips, and splatters to add some color and texture. The back features a matching WST tag! Fresh for 2014…

The next two styles aren’t entirely new: The Can Dance Blues is a re-print of our Can Dance Tee by Zodak 1. The first run of this print were done in haste and did not turn out as well as it should have and it did not do the design justice so we’re re-doing it to get it right! We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers for feedback on print colors and they voted for a Blue print this time. Limited quantities available on these so if you want one act quickly.

And last but not least, we are adding the Green Hand Tee by Serval ATT 7$. The first incarnation of this print did well but it was primarily available in Black with a Grey Print. To spice things up we’ve chosen a bright Aqua Green. This choice was inspired by old classic Rustoleum Color Cascade Green. Now available for pre-order on White or Black tees in limited quantities.

Burner 6 Tee
W Banger Tee
Can Dance Blues Tee
Serval Green Hand Tee

New Still Dope Tees by Generation Dope now in stock!

Still Dope Tee Front
Still Dope Tee Front
Back print on Still Dope Tee Shirt
Still Dope Tee Back Print
Still Dope Tee Shirt By Generation Dope
Still Dope Tee by Generation Dope

Fresh new “Still Dope” Tees by new and upcoming clothing brand Generation Dope now in stock and available for purchase in the WST Online Store! This tee features the words Still Dope on front with a character by Bugie. The back has a Generation Dope Logo with a hand style by Arest 150! Available in Men’s and Ladies Tees in addition to a limited number of Hoodies which we will be posting soon!

Still Dope Tee