Fresh paint… Izzy X Unique X Sake


Panels primed and read for painting at Writerz Blok.
Buffed panels
Artist Saratoga Sake starting his outline at Writerz Blok.
Sake getting started on his outline.
Izzy Graffiti piece outline sketched out on wall at Writerz Blok.
Freestyled Izzy Outline up.
Unique and Sake painting mural at Writerz Blok
Unique & Sake at work in the Spring heat!
Izzy working on his piece.
Izzy piece in progress.
Unique working on her piece.
Unique working on her piece.
Sake piece in progress.
Sake piece in progress.
Izzy piece filled in.
Izzy piece filled in.
Hands with paint all over from a day of painting.
Messy hands.
Izzy piece by IzzeWST of Wild Style Technicians at Writerz Blok
Completed Izzy piece.


Sake graffiti burner by Saratoga Sake of Wild Style Technicians at Writerz Blok
Completed Sake Piece

Unique, Sake, and myself planned a little paint date a couple of weeks back which we scheduled for the Monday, March 10th.  Since we wanted to keep iy simple, quick and inexpensive we decided to roll with solid black fills.  None of us came prepared with outlines so we all free style’d our pieces which actually worked out fairly well.  This was all of our first time outlining with Sugar Artist Acrylic and it worked just about as well as any paint I’ve ever used. I personally think Ironlak knocked it out of the park with this new brand.

Great time as always painting with good friends. I’m personally pretty satisfied with the results as well my personal progress in my ability to pull off relatively decent work without a sketch or blueprint.  In the past this was a recipe for disaster for me… proving we are all students of the game until the very end.


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Ize X Menas at Writerz Blok

Menas piece outline
Menas Outline
Ize graffiti piece initial sketch
Ize piece outline
Filled in Ize graffiti piece
Ize Piece filled in ready for the outline.
Ize and Menas piece collage.
Ize X Menas at Writerz Blok. Feb, 2014
Coast to Coast:  Ize X Menas at Writerz Blok
Coast to Coast: Ize X Menas at Writerz Blok

I was contacted by Menas on Instagram a few weeks back and he let me know that he was coming to San Diego soon and wanted to hook up for a painting session. I had to blow off work for a day in order to make it happen but since he came all the way out here I figured it was the least I could do to show him some hospitality.  Having no unpainted sketches with which to paint, I had to resort to a freestyle piece.  I’m beginning to enjoy painting without an outline or sketch as sometimes getting a sketch accurately represented on a wall can be challenging and time consuming.  This method, for myself is more enjoyable due to less pressure and the ability to improvise.

Big ups to Menas for coming through, inviting me out, and coming up with the Coast to Coast theme for the production.  Nice painting with you.