Zone1 Burner Tees, Hoodies, and Long Sleeves…

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We proudly announce the release our our new Zone1WST Tee now available at  A tribute to the WST Crew Style General… Features a ridiculously fresh “Zone” Burner on the chest and the Zone 2 Logo on the back on Tees, Hoodies, Baseball Tees, and Long Sleeved Tees.

Project Blackbook: Arest 150






We’ve started a new Blackbook Project where we will be offering customized Blackbooks. First up is Arest150 with this fresh full color 11″ x 14″ page. The book also featured a large Arest 150 Die Cut Vinyl Decal on the cover and ships with a custom sticker pack by the artist. A great pick up for any collector Arest/WST fan!

Arest 150 11″x14″ Custom Blackbook

New LetterStack Tees, Fleece, and Girl Tees.


The LetterStack Tee
The LetterStack Tee
Back print on Black Tee.
Tar LetterStack Tee w/Grey Print
Tar LetterStack Tee w/Grey Print
Silver LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Silver LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Silver Tee front.
Celadon LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Celadon LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Back print on Celadon Tee.
Red LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Red LetterStack Tee w/Black Print
Red Tee front.
Red Tee front.
3/4 Sleeved Baseball Tee
LetterStack Girl Tee
Heavyweight Charcoal Heather 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend Pullover Hoodie.
Back of Pullover Hoodie with lower right back print.

New Letter Series Handstyle logo by Rhymedalfunk now available on Tees, Baseball Tees, Girl Tees, and Pullover Hoodies.

Graffiti Art show at Ironfist Brewing Aug 13th

Come out and have a beer and check out some new works by Zone, Arest, myself and a few other talented artists at Ironfist Brewing  in Barrio Logan on August 13th from 5-10pm 

I will be unveiling a new 3 piece Izhy 10″ x 30″canvas series in addition to a 3 piece 8″ circle series.